Updated 5.12.2017

Kendo Hyvinkää

Kendo is a Japanese martial art derived from old swordsmanship. It suits everyone regardless of age, size, sex or fitness. Standard practice session contains usually warming up, techique practice, and free practice in pairs. In Hyvinkää however, we don't have separate junior group so for safety reasons the minimum age limit is 13 years.

Newcomers can start in Hyvinkää at any time. At first, no other gear but t-shirt and sweat pants are needed. We train in bare feet. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us or come check out our practice.

For more detailed information, check out Wikipedia article or Finnish Kendo Association.

We practice in Tuesdays 19:00–21:00 and Thursdays at 20:00–22:00 at Swedish school of Hyvinkää. Address is Hyvinkäänkatu 44. (Uudenmaankatu side entrance.)


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